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What does nude mean? 

This is a classic Russian Banya. That means the tradition is for bathers (all female) to be nude while in the bathhouse. However, you are allowed to wear all or part of a bathing suit if it makes you more comfortable. 

Can I sign up for extra spa services?

Yes! Although it is best to not have services scheduled from 7-7:30 and ideally at 9:15 when we typically have opening and closing ceremony. You sign up directly with the spa/provider and you pay them directly for the services. 

Why are tickets a few dollars more than the cost of the spa entrance fee?

That's because it takes time and energy and resources to plan and execute events! I'm hoping to make this sustainable so I can continue rot create and host events that bring women together. 

Is there a spa scholarship?

Yes, we're in the process of creating a system where resourced women can contribute to tickets for women who aren't as resourced. Once that scholarship is funded, we will award tickets to women who need a little extra help. 

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